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  • Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya, otherwise known as ‘Little England’ is a quaint town located in Sri Lanka’s beautifully lush hill country. During the British colonial period, Nuwara Eliya was a favourite holiday retreat for the crème de la crème of British society on the island. They turned this town to strongly reminiscent
  • Adam's Peak

    Adam's Peak

    Though not the highest mountain of Sri Lanka, the striking pyramid of Adam's Peak (7,360 ft) is certainly the most remarkable. it is well known for the Sri Pada "sacred footprint" A depression in the rocky summit resembles a huge footprint, which has been venerated as a sacred sigh from
  • Tea Plantation

    Tea Plantation

    Until the 1860’s the main crop produced on the island of Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, was coffee. But in 1869, the coffee-rust fungus killed the majority of of the coffee plants and estate owners had to diversify into other crops in order to avoid total ruin. The owners of Loolecondera
  • Waterfalls


    Beautiful waterfalls cascading down the mountain slopes enhance the beauty of the hill country. The geographical formation of the Island with the central highland sloping down to the coastal plains has resulted in several rivers and streams starting from the central region flowing down the hilly slopes in a radial
  • Hortain Plains

    Hortain Plains

    Enter a mist covered world of unexpected beauty, high in the hills. A protected reserve in the central highlands, Horton Plains National Park is covered in montane grassland and cloud forest. The highest plateau in Sri Lanka at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 metres (6,900–7,500 ft) it ends with a dramatic
  • Ella


    Climb high into the mountains and enjoy astounding views that stretch far away to the horizon. Ella is a quiet hill country town that draws visitors to its cool climate and its picturesque setting deep in the heart of the ‘up country’. Steeped in the ancient legend of Rama and
  • Scenic Train Ride

    Scenic Train Ride

    Enjoy breathtaking views as the track winds through high mountain passes, emerging through dark tunnels to sweeping vistas of sun swathed heights and picturesque valleys that stretch for miles below. A 150 minute journey in state of the art comfort, where on board meals and warm service may distract your
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